The dog stood near the supermarket waiting for help but then a miracle happened.

Seeing abandoned puppies is not something uncommon for most people, but one never thinks just how or what could have made certain people just leave them in the middle of nowhere.What’s even worse is seeing just how loyal they are to their owners when they wait for them to return, but they never do. It’s truly heartbreaking.In this story, we will talk about a small puppy who was abandoned on Easter and left in front of a big supermarket.

Abandoned On Easter

When this poor puppy was abandoned by her owner when she needed him the most, she was just so heartbroken.

To make matters worse, she stood near a supermarket, politely asking for help and everybody just ignored her.

However, all that changed when a kind rescuer saw her misfortune and felt bad for her. She stopped and noticed that the puppy was very friendly.

It’s truly heartbreaking to think what she must have gone through in such a short time. She even looked malnourished and had some skin problems.

The rescuer took her back home and named her Aurora. She gave her food, water, and a warm blanket so she could curl up in it and take a nap.

She was given a warm bath, and then her rescuer placed her in a comfortable bed with her brand-new blanket.

Aurora Is Making Changes

The very next day, she was taken to a veterinarian so they could see what was wrong with Aurora.

While the checkup was a bit longer, it revealed nothing dangerous. She was dewormed by the vets, and they recommended several more remedies to help improve her health.

She will continue taking antibiotics, body cream, and vitamins for immunity, and she also needs to remain on a proper diet.

Fortunately, she doesn’t have any serious health issues, and all of her problems can be remedied with medication and time.

Later checkups at the vet revealed that she was making a slow recovery and would still need to continue her treatment regularly.

After a little over 2 weeks, Aurora has become really energetic and her fur has grown back normally now. She has also stopped taking antibiotics.

Start Of A New Life

On their third visit to the clinic, they gave her vaccinations and noted that her weight was improving. She was making amazing progress.

Everything seemed better. With each passing day, Aurora has been doing better and better. Her mood has improved, and she has become quite playful.

Her rescuer makes sure that she goes on walks and enjoys herself. She even met some new friends along the way.

As time was flying by, Aurora enjoyed the time she had with her special rescuer, but it was soon time to find her a new home.

This was the hardest part, as every rescuer forms such a strong bond with the puppies they rescue, but there always comes a day when things have to change.

Aurora’s rescuer knows that she is better off with someone else, so she found her an absolutely wonderful family.

She is so happy that everything turned out so well for her and that she is now living her best life in a new home.